Sunday, 16, June, 2024

From July 1, 2021, colour-coded labeling of products that are high in salt, sugar and fat, as well as other harmful additives, will be introduced in Uzbekistan. This is stipulated by the president’s Additional Measures to Ensure Healthy Nutrition of the Population Decree.

In the phase I from July 2021, the labeling will be voluntary. In the phase II, from January 1, 2025, it will become mandatory. This applies to both local and imported products.

Color-coded labels are expected to choose healthier food - as excessive consumption of sugar, saturated fats, salt leads to cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension, diabetes.

The Decree also instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to develop, within three months, a draft bill providing for the establishment of the following restrictions on advertising food items with excess salt, sugar and fat content:

  • at educational, medical and sports institutions, as well as public transport;
  • involving children, cartoon characters and heroes of children's programs;
  • in the media 30 minutes before and after TV shows for children.

In addition, Uzbekistan will introduce a system for monitoring the rating of the Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan, governor’s offices and Tashkent city mayor office through a digital program, based on the increase in the number of individuals involved in mass sports, healthy nutrition. In particular, we are talking about reducing the consumption of foods with a high content of salt, sugar and fat, flour dishes and sweets, bread products, reducing morbidity by giving up bad habits, in particular the use of alcohol and tobacco products, as well as reducing obesity and premature death with ensuring the integration of this system with the Healthy Lifestyle platform.

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