Sunday, 09, May, 2021

Frederick Starr, the chairman of the Institute of Central Asia and the Caucasus at Johns Hopkins University (USA), is currently in Uzbekistan among many international observers for presidential elections to be held on December 4.

At a conference in Tashkent, dedicated to the constitutional and legal framework of the elections, Frederick Starr, who previously on several occasions visited Uzbekistan, told to reporters said that it was of particular interest to see the development of the political parties. According to the expert, they have become more real, lively bodies who are taking some practical steps.

"I am very happy to be here in the capacity of an observer. I would very much like to congratulate the Uzbek people even before the election have taken place with some serious achievements - Starr added. - It is very important to recognize that all this is happening at a time of great changes after the passing of the country’s leader. Changes in some parts of the world can sometimes be dangerous. But here they are happening peacefully and legally. I think this is a tremendous achievement, which mirrors the political and social progress of the country. "

Frederick Starr said that psychologically the people in Uzbekistan are feeling themselves as citizens, "The life after the death of the First President mirrors the maturity and profound understanding of the essence of civil society."

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