Friday, 19, July, 2024

This summer, electricity is being supplied to households stably and without restrictions, the Ministry of Energy said in a statement.

Reportedly, after rise in prices and introducing social threshold (200kWh above which higher price applies), households began to save electricity. As a result, the load on the system and the number of power outages and accidents declined.

If in June-July last year, restrictions of 210 million kWh (rolling blackouts) were introduced in the unified energy system, including in June - 35 million kWh, in July - 175 million kWh, then in June and July of this year. “Electricity was supplied to consumers stably, without дшьшеы,” with the exception of emergencies and planned repairs, the statement added.

Last month, according to the ministry, consumption stood at 1.1 billion kWh of electricity. 71% of the population used up to 200 kWh of electricity on average, that is, about 40% of total consumption.

The Ministry of Energy also stated that there were no grounds for increasing the social norm for power and disclosed the cost of energy in more detail.

Earlier, the ministry, commenting on the Statistics Agency's data on the decrease in electricity generation in May, reported that in fact the increase in electricity production was 5.8% due to solar and wind power plants. The decrease in supplies was explained there by “frugal spending” after the rise in prices.

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