Monday, 24, June, 2024

CCI (Coca Cola İçecek) Uzbekistan company launched a new 112 million US dollars COCA COLA bottler plant in cooperation with Turkey's Anadolu Group.

The grand opening ceremony of the new plant, which took place on May 15, was attended by the Governor of Samarkand Region Erkinjon Turdimov, Minister of Investments and Trade and Industry Laziz Kudratov, officials of the US Embassy, the Turkish Consulate in Uzbekistan, media and public representatives.

"On behalf of the people of Samarkand, I would like to express my gratitude to all the dedicated people who contributed to the launch of the new plant. The construction of the factory, which started 3 years ago on 18.5 hectares of the Urgut economic zone, has been completed and put into operation, and today more than 200 jobs are being created," said regional governor Erkinjon Turdimov.

The annual capacity of the new COCA COLA bottler plant is equal to 280 million liters per year, with 100 million US dollars in foreign investments. The plant eyes exports to the CIS countries.

Anadolu Group CEO Burak Başarır spoke about the cooperation of the companies of the two countries:

"To date, Anadolu Group has managed to find more than 500 million US dollars of investment in the economy of Uzbekistan, and this is a significant investment compared to the previous years. Rather, it is an expression of our 100% confidence in the people, government, talent and business environment of Uzbekistan.

As a continuation of the cooperation between the companies, we are also determined to create a plant with a new modern infrastructure in Namangan. I think that our work is a clear evidence of our full confidence in the Uzbek people, government and the whole country.

The new plant started production on May 15, 2024.

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