Sunday, 14, April, 2024

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is promoting green and inclusive lending in Uzbekistan by offering a financing package of up to US$ 20 million (€ 18.46 million) to the country’s leading private lender Ipoteka Bank controlled by OTP Group of Hungary.

The package consists of two components:

  • A US$ 10 million (€Uzbekistan Green Economy Financing Facility II (GEFF Uzbekistan II) and will help improve access to green and climate-resilient technologies for local households and small and medium-sized enterprises. It is supported by a co-investment grant from the International Cooperation and Development Fund via the Crisis Response Special Funds (CRSF) and technical cooperation funds from the Climate Investment Special Fund and Action for Equality and Gender Multi-Donor Cooperation Fund. 
  • A US$ 10 million (€for women entrepreneurs under the EBRD’s Central Asian Women in Business. The loan is supported by grant funding from the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) and designed to help promote women’s entrepreneurship and business activity by assisting with access to finance, know-how and technical advice.

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