Saturday, 25, May, 2024

Since October 1, with the introduction of new electricity prices for legal persons in Uzbekistan, prices have also been increased by electric charging stations.

The largest network of charging stations TokBor (over 180 stations across the country) reported that they are increasing the cost of charging by 700 soums per 1 kWh.

For AC stations - from 1250 to 1950 soums per kWh;

For DC stations - from 2150 to 2850 soums per kWh;

The fee for downtime after charging and the minimum price have not changed.

The company explained the change in prices by new electricity зкшсуқ, which were doubled for legal entities.

The Uzbekistan Railways also announced increase in train ticket fares by 50% for domestic destinations while prices of tickets for Afrosiyob high-speed train is being raised by 100%.from October 20.

The company hoped for a “correct understanding of the reforms being implemented in the railway sector,” and noted that ticket prices had previously increased in 2018, for Afrosiyob - in 2019, while since 2019 the minimum wage in the country has increased by 2.4 times, electricity and fuel prices increased, logistics and transportation costs increased significantly.

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