Friday, 27, January, 2023

In line with the clause 23 of Article 93 of the Constitution, various pardon measures were applied against 402 citizens on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Uzbek Constitution.

Of those pardoned, 128 persons were unconditionally released, 201 persons were released on parole, the sentences of 15 persons were replaced by milder ones. While, the sentences of 58 persons were cut.

Among those people 17 are foreign nationals, 26 men aged over 60, 63 woman, 19 persons who joined the banned organizations.

The relevant ministries and departments have been instructed to help those released for social adaptation, get jobs and find a worthy place in society.

The pardon tradition on the ocassion of various public holidays dates back to the Soviet times. However, pardoning leads to the corruption within the penitary system, with many convicts trying to evade imprisonment by bribing officials in return of being included in pardon lists. This in turn results in well-off people not getting intimidated from commiting crimes due to the existence of pardon-lifeline. 

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