Tuesday, 28, November, 2023

On March 16, the president visited the State Tax Committee, where he held a government meeting on reforming tax administration and the widespread introduction of information technology in the sphere.

“Why am I having the meeting at the committee meeting? If we hold an event in the administration, the meeting will be attended by the chairman and his two deputies. While, other tax officers may not understand our goals. Our goal is the openness of the tax system, digitalization and the creation of additional opportunities for businesses,” the head of state said.

Mirziyoyev noted that in 2017, tax revenues topped 31 trillion soums, and in 2021 - 128 trillion soums.

“13 types of taxes were levied in Uzbekistan five years ago, now there are 9. Now the tax burden is 28%, it should be reduced to 25 percent,” the president concluded.

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