Friday, 07, May, 2021

Production of military and special equipment is to be launched on ​​12 hectares in the city of Nurafshan, Tashkent province. The project was presented to the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on January 11.

The project is estimated at US$ 55 million. Nurafshon-Maxsus-Texnika company will be engaged in its implementation with the assistance of the National Bank of Uzbekistan. It will invest US$ 16 million from its own funds and will be provided a bank loan of US$ 39 million.

In Phase I, from 2021 it is planned to produce military equipment - 100 light-armored Tarlon and Qalqon vehicles per year. The former is intended for the protection and escort of convoys, ambulance transportation, engineering, radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance and fire support. The details about the latter could not be obtained.

In Phase II, from 2022, it is planned to produce special equipment - 200 tank trucks for transporting fuel, 500 trucks, 300 tractors, 400 garbage trucks, 100 snow plows, 20 fire trucks.

The level of localization is expected to be at 50%, the volume of annual demand is estimated at 15 thousand units of equipment, annual export - at US$ 5 million, cost recovery - 5 years.

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