Thursday, 24, June, 2021

US$ 1.2 billion worth of over 609.4 thousand tons of textiles have been cleared for export from Uzbekistan in 11 months of this year, the State Customs Committee said on its website.

Reportedly This year Uzbekistan firms exported by 5,332 tons more of textiles to the last year.

According to the Customs Committee, 32 percent of textiles were exported to China, 23 percent to Russia, 18 percent to Turkey and 9 percent to Iran.

This year, the value of textile exports increased by 13.1 times to Peru, 1.8 times to Pakistan, 1.8 times to Lithuania, 1.7 times to Poland, 1.7 times to Germany, 1.4 times to Portugal and 1.4 times to Bangladesh.

For the first time, textile exports have been launched to Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Macedonia, South Africa, Paraguay and Slovakia.

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