Wednesday, 25, November, 2020

The value of Uzbekistan’s gross foreign exchange and gold reserves as of October 1 topped US$ 33.4 billion, decreasing by US$ 1.15 billion to the last month, the Central Bank said in a report.

The net gold and foreign exchange reserves (the difference between gross reserves and liabilities in hard currency) also decreased by US$ 1.14 billion and reached US$ 32.7 billion.

Gold and currency reserves have been declining for the second month in a row. Gold reserves in absolute terms also decreased by US$ 201.8 million - to US$ 18.6 billion. While, the volume in net million troy ounces increased from 9.6 to 9.9 compared to the previous month.

Year to date, Uzbekistan has increased gold exports to a record US$ 5.8 billion, of which US$ 2.5 billion (43.1%) worth gold was exported in August alone.

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