Thursday, 18, July, 2024

Uzbekistan plans to increase sugar imports through Baku port, thanks to Azerbaijan's raisng throughput, transit time has been halved. Uzbekistan seeks to increase the import of sugar and other goods through Azerbaijan, said the Deputy Transport Minister Abdusamat Mominov.

According to him, Uzbekistan has been using the infrastructure of the Poti port in Georgia, as well as that of the Baku port for goods export. However, the port of Azerbaijan is more developed.

In addition, as part of the second stage of Baku port modernization, a new terminal for mineral fertilizers, which Uzbekistan wants to use for its needs, will be launched.

The deputy minister also focused on halving the transportation time. Due to this, the transport services of Azerbaijan are in demand among other countries of Central Asia.

"Thanks to the improvement of operational activities of our Azerbaijani colleagues, we were able to reduce the time of cargo transportation by half - from one month to two weeks. "Today, thanks to these efforts, not only Uzbekistan, but the whole of Central Asia is using the Azerbaijan’s transport potential," said Abdusamat Mominov.

He also underscored that Uzbekistan had plans to use the Baku port infrastructure for sugar import this year, which will top 300,000 tons. For this purpose, 100 wagons for sugar were dispatched to Azerbaijan.

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