Wednesday, 17, July, 2024

Three Central Asian states are among the world's top ten countries with the cheapest electricity for the population, the UK-based said in a report.

The website analyzed electricity prices in 230 countries. As it turned out, the cheapest electricity prices are in the countries of North and Central Africa, as well as in the states of the former Soviet Union.

In the Central Asian region, Kyrgyzstan is in the lead, placed 4th place in overall ranking. Kyrgyzs pay US$ 0.017 for one kilowatt-hour of electricity, Tajikistan on US$ 0.023 is n 6th place, while in Uzbekistan, which ranks 7th, the electricity price is at US$ 0.027. This is cheaper than in Kazakhstan ($ 0.039), which has the 16th place in the world ranking.

The most expensive electricity in the world is in the Caribbean, Pacific island states, as well as in Germany and Somalia, where one kilowatt-hour is from 0.30 to 0.69 dollars.

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