Sunday, 16, June, 2024

The Taliban said that the discussions held on forming a new government have been finalized and they will soon make an announcement.

Anamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, said that Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the Taliban, will also be the leader of the new government.

“Consultations are almost finalized on the new government, and the necessary discussions have also been held about the cabinet. The Islamic government that we will announce will be a ... model for the people. There is no doubt about the presence of the Commander of the Faithful (Akhunzada) in the government. He will be the leader of the government and there should be no question on this,” Samangani said.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports indicate that there will also be a prime minister post in the next government.

“The name of the new system should be neither republic nor emirate. It should be something like an Islamic government. Hebatullah should be at the top of the government, and he will not be the president. He will be the leader of Afghanistan. Below him there will be a prime minister or a president that will work under his oversight,” said Mohammad Hasan Haqyar, a political analyst.

The Taliban has already appointed governors, police chiefs and police commanders for provinces and districts.

“The Islamic Emirate is active in each province. There is a governor in each province who has started working. There is a district governor for each district and a police chief in each province who are working for the people,” said Abdul Hanan Haqqani, a member of the Taliban.

Although the Taliban say consultations are finalized on forming the new government, public discussions have not been held over the system’s name, the national flag or national anthem.

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