Thursday, 20, June, 2024

The CIS states need to rally against the increased and "unprecedented" political and economic pressure exerted from the outside, said on Thursday the Chairman of the Executive Committee, CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev, TASS reported.

“The recent actions that took place on January 23 on the territory of the Russian Federation, they speak of a planned, coordinated impact on our countries in order to destabilize the situation in them. They are intended to inflict not only economic damage, which is what the sanctions are aimed at, but also, let's say, politically destabilize the situation. We must not allow this in any case,” noted the head of the CIS Executive Committee.

According to him, Belarus as the current chairman of the CIS has "a special responsibility for uniting efforts in resisting unprecedented pressure from outside."

Sergei Lebedev attributes an important place here to strengthening economic cooperation within the CIS. “This is especially important this year, given the sanctions policy that the Republic of Belarus, and Russia, and other countries of the Commonwealth are subjected to,” he said.

“Just one careless word, in the opinion of our foreign partners, immediately begins to yell, provoke and press on our countries. These sanctions force us to unite efforts, together to resist this unprecedented pressure to which our states are exposed,” said the head of the CIS Executive Committee.

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