Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

The servicemen of the special-purpose regiment from Uzbekistan won gold medal in Phase Four of the Cambrian Patrol exercise in Wales, UK.

A total of 131 teams from from 31 countries participated in the two weeks long competition which started on 8th October this year.

Exercise Cambrian Patrol is an annual event organised and run by 160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales, based in Brecon.

The competition consists of teams of eight men patrolling across some of the most unforgiving terrain. The tests are over two days with no sleep or rest.

Among the test are; firing of personal weapons, obstacle crossing, first-aid and casualty evacuation, recognition of aircraft vehicles and equipment, artillery target indication, patrol techniques, helicopter drills, communications skills, handling prisoners of war, tactical river/stream crossing, ambush/anti-ambush drills, recce techniques, tunnel crossing, navigation skills and rock climbing.

According to the British Army the exercise is unique, world class and the largest of its kind with some foreign entrants having to claim the right to take part in the UK by winning through their own domestic competition.

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