Thursday, 25, July, 2024

Global demand for power in H1 of this year increased by 0.4% compared to the same period in 2022. This is evidenced by data from Ember, an energy think tank headquartered in London, which compared figures in 78 countries.

Reportedly, this figure was significantly lower than the historical average over the past 10 years, which was 2.6 percent.

The decline in the growth of global demand for power is due to the reduction in demand in some large economies, in particular in the countries of the European Union (EU).

Meanwhile, the share of wind and solar energy in electricity generation in January-June of this year broke the record, reaching 14.3 percent, while in the same period in 2022 this figure was 12.8 percent.

Wind energy's share of global electricity production was 8.75 percent, while solar energy's share increased to 5.52 percent.

Thus, wind and solar energy have become two sources of electricity that have significantly increased their share of global production.

While, the share of coal in electricity production in H1 of this year was at 36 percent, and hydroelectric power generation decreased to a historical maximum of 8.5 percent due to drought.

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