Saturday, 24, July, 2021

The President’s son-in-law, Otabek Umarov was elected the vice-president of the Olympic Council of Asia at a meeting of the OCA executive committee in Oman Tuesday, the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Uzbekistan said.

The NOC said earlier that due to the holding of the Asian Youth Games in Uzbekistan, the country for the first time received the right to propose its representative for the post of deputy chief of the OCA.

“Holding the Asian Youth Games in 2025 in Tashkent is one of the serious tests for the new Uzbekistan. With the support of our president and our government, we will make every effort to hold this tournament at a high level,” Otabek Umarov said.

The meeting of the General Assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia will take place today, at which an agreement will be signed to hold the Youth Games in 2025 in Tashkent.

Otabek Umarov until August was in charge of the Triathlon Federation and the Association of Mixed Martial Arts of Uzbekistan. He linked the decision to leave the organizations with "changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic."

“In this situation, I realize that the tasks related to the performance of the civil service and ensuring public safety are acquiring a fundamentally new character and an unprecedented level of responsibility,” he said explaining his resignation.

He is currently serving as the first deputy of the security office of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Earlier, the former president of the NOC Umid Akhmadjonov was elected vice-president of the OCA from Uzbekistan.

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) was established in 1982 and currently includes 45 Asian National Olympic Committees. OCA is headquartered in Kuwait. The Asian Games Under are held the auspices of the OCA every four years.

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