Thursday, 30, November, 2023

Over 10 multilateral documents were adopted at the summit of the Organization of Turkic States , Foreign Minister Vladimir Norov said at the final briefing.

The OTC Strategy for 2022-2026 was adopted as part of the Vision of the Turkic World 2040 Concept, "the implementation of which will allow us to start launching cooperation in various areas between the countries of the organization," Vladimir Norov noted.

The Strategy for Trade Facilitation between the OTC Member States has been also approved, and the Agreement on the Formation of Simplified Customs Corridors was signed.

“A breakthrough was the adoption of the decision on the imminent creation of the Turkic Investment Fund, which will bring cooperation between the UTC countries in project activities to a new level and demonstrated a common strong will to develop cooperation in real sectors,” said Vladimir Norov.

In addition, the Agreements on International Combined Cargo Transportation and the Transport Connectivity Program were signed on the sidelines of the summit, opening up new opportunities for us to further deepen transport and logistics cooperation.

To strengthen the foundations of the OTC, a protocol on amendments to the Nakhichevan Agreement and the rules of procedure of the UTC in a new edition were signed.

“The accords confirm that the key to the success of our Organization will remain an unwavering commitment to the basic values ​​of our cooperation, such as equality, mutual respect, and the adoption of all decisions on the basis of consensus,” concluded Vladimir Norov.

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