Thursday, 18, July, 2024

Foreign Minister Vladimir Norov commented on reports on granting еру unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus еру observer status to the Organization of Turkic States.

“No separate decision on Northern Cyprus was signed either during or after the summit,” he said.

“Uzbekistan is strictly guided by the norms of international law, especially in matters of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the state. There can be no talk of recognizing the Northern Cyprus as an independent state,” said Vladimir Norov, answering a journalist’s question whether the admission of Northern Cyprus to the organization, if any, could mean its recognition as an independent state.

The Uzbek Foreign Minister reminded that Northern Cyprus already had observer status in such international organizations as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Economic Cooperation Organization.

“In addition, Northern Cyprus has been participating in the International Organization of Turkic Culture as an observer (TURKSOY) for almost 30 years. And no one is asking questions about this today,” he said.

“The fact that the Turkish Cypriots are interested in closer exchanges and cooperation with kindred peoples of the countries of the Organization of Turkic States is a natural process. At the same time, all these issues are regulated exclusively by the legal documents of the organization and the legislation of our countries,” Vladimir Norov emphasized.

It should be noted that earlier on the day of the summit, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Twitter that "The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been accepted as an observer member of the Organization of Turkic States."

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a partially recognized state in the northern Cyprus, located within the borders of the Republic of Cyprus, recognized only by Turkey.

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