Monday, 15, April, 2024

The draft bill proposed to amend the Article 1 of the Constitution defining Uzbekistan as a "sovereign democratic republic into "Uzbekistan is a sovereign, legal, social, secular state", announced the MP Inomjon Kudratov.

“If you pay attention to the first article of the bill, then the phrase “Uzbekistan is a sovereign democratic republic” is planned to be replaced by “Uzbekistan is a sovereign, legal, social, secular state,” Kudratov said.

He spoke about this after a joint meeting of the UzLiDeP and Milliy Tiklanish factions on June 23.

“This provision itself covers all the proposals put forward in the reform of the Constitution,” the MP said, commenting on the proposal for a new wording of Article 1.

On June 23, all parties in the parliament supported the introduction of a draft bill amending the Constitution in the first reading at the plenary session.

The Article 1 of the current Constitution reads: “Uzbekistan is a sovereign democratic republic. The names of the state "Republic of Uzbekistan" and "Uzbekistan" are equivalent.

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