Saturday, 13, August, 2022

Polish MP and President of the Association of Local Gardeners Mirosław Maliszewski proposed to replace Ukrainians with Uzbeks during the harvest.

According to Wiadomosci ze swiata, the situation with fruit picking in Poland is deteriorating due to shortage of workers in the backdrop of a ban on Ukrainians to leave the country due to conscription.

“There are not enough workers. Firstly, there are not enough men who can take on more physical jobs such as driving a truck, a tractor and spreading fertilizer,” said the Polish MP.

According to him, many farmers are complaining that berries are rotting, and consumers are complaining about inflation. That is why the Poles are now considering the possibility of attracting Uzbek workers to Poland.

“More than four million Uzbeks returned to their homeland due to the crisis in Russia, and now they are unemployed and ready to come to Poland,” Mirosław Maliszewski concluded.

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