Saturday, 28, May, 2022

Most patients who seek medical help at the Zangiata Specialized Infectious Diseases Hospital have a mild form of the coronavirus, said Anvar Khusanov, Director of the Zangiata Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 1.

According to him, when infected with Delta and British strains of the coronavirus, the disease was more severe, while the new type of the disease is somewhat milder.

As early as January 4, 65-70 patients applied to Zangiata-1 per day, of which 70% were hospitalized. However, since January 5, due to the high incidence among the population, the number of patients coming to the hospital has sharply increased.

“Currently, an average of 300–400 patients visit our hospital daily, of which 200–300 are hospitalized,” Anvar Khusanov said. “Now we are treating more than 1,300 patients with coronavirus.”

Patients predominantly present with fever, joint pain, headache, and may also present with respiratory symptoms such as cough, and weakness.

“In 90-95% of patients admitted to the hospital since January 5, there is no decrease in saturation and lung damage,” the doctor emphasized. “Serious complications of the coronavirus [are] relatively rare.” The duration of treatment was also reduced to an average of 5 days. “Most importantly, the need for the antiviral drug Remdesivir and others used to treat critically ill patients has decreased,” Anvar Khusanov said.

As a result, the number of patients currently being treated in the 190-bed intensive care unit is significantly lower than it was during the peak of the delta wave last summer.

“Therefore, we ask our fellow countrymen not to panic, not to visit [unnecessarily] infectious diseases treatment facilities, seek medical help from family doctors and family clinics, and residents of the capital to special COVID clinics established in 12 districts of Tashkent,” he urged doctor.

“Most importantly,” he added, “as a doctor directly treating patients with coronavirus, I urge everyone to get vaccinated or get a booster dose.”

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