Saturday, 28, May, 2022

Uzbekistan launched the production of its own unmanned aerial vehicles - Lochin (transl. Falcon), the State Committee for the Defense Industry said.

The production of unmanned aerial vehicles will be conducted by the Research and Production Center for Unmanned Aerial Systems established under the State Committee for Defense Industry. The center is fully equipped with process and special equipment, a test lab for production, assembly, repair and maintenance of devices.

The dual-purpose production drones project - civil and military - for the first time in Central Asia was developed and launched in Uzbekistan, the report said.

Lochin drones and quadcopters can be used in both reconnaissance, strike, real-time surveillance, information gathering, artillery fire control, as well as in agriculture, oil and gas, railway management, geology, mapping, topography, plant defoliation, surveillance behind nature reserves, roads and social infrastructure.

Now the center is engaged in promising projects for the production of strategic-level drones, scientific research, development work on the development of the unmanned aviation industry.


Lochin drone

Lochin drone 2

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