Monday, 29, November, 2021

The first plane with humanitarian aid from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) for Afghanistan arrived in Termez on October 15, UNHCR said on its Twitter page. The aircraft arrived from the UN Logistics Center in Dubai.

UNHCR announced it would send three planes with humanitarian aid to Afghanistan via Termez. Later, the logistics center Termez Cargo Center reported that the first aircraft will arrive in Termez on October 15, and the next two on October 16-17.

“We thank the government of Uzbekistan and all local and international partners who made it possible to deliver humanitarian aid through Uzbekistan to Afghanistan as part of the joint work of the UNHCR and the UN in Uzbekistan,” reads the Twitter post of the office.

The total volume of the first cargo is 32 tons, these are basic necessities.

In the logistics center, humanitarian aid will be distributed by trucks, and from there it will be delivered to Afghan Mazar-i-Sharif through the Termez-Hairaton border checkpoint.

Since the beginning of October, the logistics center in Termez has already sent about 40 wagons of food to Afghanistan under the UN World Food Program.

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