Tuesday, 25, June, 2024

The proven reserves of natural gas in Uzbekistan as of January 1, 2021 are estimated at 1 trillion 866.9 billion cubic meters (BCM), follows from the presentation at a meeting chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on Monday.

This figure is by about 766.9 BCM more than the estimate of the British BP, which at the end of 2016 reported that Uzbekistan has about 1.1 trillion cubic meters of gas reserves.

In the draft government resolution in 2020, the natural gas reserves in Uzbekistan in 2020-2025 increased by 361 billion cubic meters, oil - 20.4 million tons. In particular, Uzbekneftegaz planned to ensure an increase in gas reserves by 120 BCM, oil - by 5 million tons, Epsilon Development Company (USA) - by 194 BCM and 9 million tons, respectively, while Natural Gas-Stream, set up by Gas Project Development Central Asia and Uzbekneftegaz - by 11 BCM and 600 thousand tons, respectively.

According to the footage shown at the meeting, 111 fields were assigned to Uzbeknetfegaz with 50% of current reserves - 934.1 BCM of gas, of which 312.8 BCM (16.8%) belong to the Mubarek Oil and Gas Production Department, 235 BCM - to Ustyurt Gas Production Department (12.6%), 195.4 BCM (10.5%) - toGazli oil and gas production department, 187.3 BCM (10%) - to Shurtan oil and gas production department, 0.4 BCM (0.2%) - to Vodiy oil and gas production department.

Lukoil is operating in fields with gas reserves of 413.1 BCM (22.1%), Uz-Kor Gas Chemical - 109.6 BCM (5.9%), Surhan Gas Chemical - 106.6 billion ( 5.8%), Jizzakh Petroleum - 84.9 BCM (4.5%).

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