Wednesday, 04, October, 2023

Uzbekistan is introducing compulsory vaccination against coronavirus for a number of categories of citizens over 18 years old, the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

On July 17, the Special Republican Anti-Commission convened for a meeting. The meeting noted that "the World Health Organization and international experts emphasize that the fight against coronavirus and the prevention of its new wave can be successfully organized through mass vaccination."

“In this regard, the practice of compulsory vaccination against coronavirus has recently been widely introduced in many countries,” the statement said.

“Taking into account the above, the decision was made by the chief state sanitary doctor of Uzbekistan, head of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Wellbeing and Public Health Service, Bakhodir Yusupaliev,“ On further strengthening measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection among the population, ”the message says.

In addition, according to the instructions of "Prevention of Infectious Diseases", the vaccination schedule now includes the procedure for vaccination against coronavirus.

Categories who must undergo a full course of vaccination:

  • employees of all types of service facilities (government service centers, post offices, banks, leasing companies, notary offices, insurance companies, beauty salons, hairdressing salons, etc.);
  • employees of all types of shopping facilities (grocery stores, household goods, clothing, pharmacies and others);
  • employees of sports schools and sports facilities;
  • employees of cultural and entertainment institutions and recreation areas;
  • employees of hotels, hostels, motels, dormitories and camps;
  • employees of government and non-government organizations involved in passenger transportation;
  • employees of state and non-state educational institutions;
  • military personnel;
  • employees of fast food outlets located in public places, wedding halls, cafes, bars and restaurants, including those involved in the delivery of groceries;
  • employees of all types of state and non-state medical and medical and social institutions;
  • utility services workers;
  • employees of communication and telecommunications facilities;
  • employees of public authorities and administration;
  • law enforcement officers.

Until September 1, the above persons should receive the first dose of the vaccine against coronavirus infection, before October 1 - the second dose, before November 1 - the third dose.

On the eve, to expedite the pace of vaccination, the deputies of the Legislative Chamber recommended to the special commission on combating coronavirus: to allow bars and restaurants with a sufficient level of vaccination of employees to work after 20:00, to prohibit unvaccinated citizens over 18 from visiting sports grounds, concerts, cinemas, others.

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