Sunday, 14, July, 2024

The First Deputy Minister of Innovation Shahlo Turdikulova named the side effects of the Uzbek-Chinese vaccine against COVID-19.

“Analyzes and studies found that the vaccine is absolutely safe and the person who receives it produces 95-97% of antibodies,” she said during a briefing at the Agency of Information and Mass Communications.

According to her, the Uzbek-Chinese vaccine ZF-UZ-VAC 2001 has several unpleasant, but harmless side effects.

“You may feel allergic reactions, the injection area may turn red, but this is not to be feared. Body temperature can rise up to 37 degrees. Everything will pass in 2-3 days,” she said.

She added that none of the 7,000 volunteers who took part in the study had side effects.

Mass vaccination against coronavirus in Uzbekistan started on April 1, with over 30 thousand people were vaccinated to this date.

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