Sunday, 14, July, 2024

An unusual street advertising banner for a carpet cleaning factory on one of the central streets of Andijan, and its quick removal caused a great reaction on social networks. The factory's marketer said that that the mayor’s office suggested to review the banner’s text, after which the banner was replaced.

The inscription in the Uzbek language read: Do not make your wife wash your carpet, because she is worth of gold.

We wanted to come up with something original for advertising, and we installed only one such banner. Its photographs quickly spread on the Internet. After various comments, the ad text seemed a little unnatural to us, and we decided to change it, the marketer added.

The banner was installed on March 25 and removed on March 26. We carry out activities in our field according to the established rules. But now other entrepreneurs have started to come up with something similar, looking at us, - he concluded.

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