Sunday, 14, July, 2024

The proposal to abolish in Uzbekistan the Administrative liability for not carrying a driver's license, published on the Mening Fikrim petitions portal, received more than 13 thousand votes.

The petition proposes to amend the part 1 of Article 135 of the Code of Administrative liability (not carrying driver’s license entails a ticket of 1 basic value, BV=US$21).

“Now all traffic police officers are provided with tablets, which are connected to a single database. The database contains information on vehicle license plates and driving licenses. If this database contains all the information about the drivers and a fingerprint identification system has been introduced, then why impose a fine on the driver for not having [with the] the relevant documents? " - the proposal says.

The initiative was published on March 1. Let us remind that 10 thousand votes are required for a petition to be reviewed by the Legislative Chamber.

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