Friday, 14, June, 2024

1 million doses of ZF-UZ-VAC2001 vaccine will be delivered to Uzbekistan from China on March 26-27. “As a doctor, I can say that we have high hopes for the Uzbek-Chinese vaccine ZF-UZ-VAC2001,” Doniyor Mirazimov, director of the Specialized Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 2 of Zangiota District, Tashkent province told

Nurmat Atabekov, in an interview with, ​​said that vaccination in Uzbekistan could begin not on April 1, as previously planned, but on April 5. This is due to the fact that medical workers were resting for several days during Navruz. Vaccination will begin in cities and provincial centers.

At the moment, the third phase of clinical trials of the Uzbek-Chinese vaccine ZF-UZ-VAC2001 is underway in Uzbekistan. As of March 23, the number of people who underwent screening was at 14,405. Of these, 13240 people signed consent letters, 13100 passed the express test, and 9970 passed the PCR test. 6860 volunteers received the first dose, 6623 people received the second dose, and 2647 volunteers received the third dose of ZF-UZ-VAC2001 vaccine. To date, about seven thousand people have been vaccinated in Uzbekistan.

On March 17, Uzbekistan accepted the deliver of the first batch of AstraZeneca vaccine of 660 thousand doses through the COVAX program. The first to receive the vaccine will be the categories of people at risk of spreading the infection: the elderly, doctors, teachers and police officers. In addition, special certificates are planned to be introduced for citizens vaccinated against coronavirus.

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