Wednesday, 21, April, 2021

The National TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan has signed a content distribution agreement with the Russian company SPB TV. As reported on the SPB TV website, for the first time, content in the Uzbek language will be officially posted on TV platforms in Russia and the CIS countries. The programs will be available in HD quality.

At the first stage, viewers will have access to 12 NTRC channels - news, sports and entertainment, including on all types of devices with Internet access. Broadcasters in each region will be able to replace advertisements with their own.

“According to official statistics, more than 2 million citizens of Uzbekistan are now permanently residing in Russia. For a long time, this audience had no access to watch content in their native language. Our agreement with NTRC solves this problem,” said Kirill Filippov, General Director of SPB TV.

"The agreement with SPB TV opens up new opportunities for content in the Uzbek language: now we can share our projects, study and communicate with like-minded people," said Alisher Khojaaev, chairman of the NTRC.

The broadcasting network of NTRK includes 14 central television and radio channels, as well as 12 territorial television and radio companies in all provinces of the country. In 2021, Uzbekistan television will celebrate its 65th anniversary.

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