Wednesday, 21, April, 2021

The construction Minister Botir Zokirov said at a press conference last week that the restoration of the Sardoba dam and the elimination of the damage caused would be entrusted to TupalangsuvGESqurilish LLC and Uzbekistan Railways.

“They will do this work at their own expense. This is the first stage. Not a single soum from the state budget will be contributed for this,” he added.

At the next stage, bids will be called for dam reconstruction projects, after an international examination. The bidding will be held on a transparent basis, and time will tell who will be awarded contracts.

A concrete dam has now been built to retain the remaining water, which is located in the natural deepening of the dam, and it does not reach part of the dam. We need water, we need to irrigate thousands of hectares of land,” he noted.

Botir Zokirov said that the company that will carry out the work at the second stage will be determined through a tender.

“The main goal of the Ministry of Construction is to organize a real competitive environment in project construction. As for TupalangsuvGESqurilish LLC, this is one of the reputable organizations, we have a large international project in Bukhara, which is being built at the expense of foreign funds. Then Tupalangsuvkurilish LLC won tenders among 6-7 foreign organizations. I have no complaints about the quality of their work. We will not rush, all the answers will be found, we will identify who is to blame for what,” he added.

The Minister of Water Resources Shavkat Khamroev also said that it is necessary to consult with the people who will reconstruct the dam, and then hold a tender.

“LLC“ TupalangsuvGESqurilish ”did not build all the facilities. For example, the Central Fergana reservoir, Bulungur reservoir are being built by other entities. Transparent tenders are held there. Now our organizations are acquiring equipment, gaining experience, and tenders are held in a new, transparent way. Members of the tender commission do not even know which organization presented this or that document.

A temporary dam has now been built, and TupalangsuvGESkurilish LLC took part in this process. But at the second stage, a transparent tender will take place. The project is not finished yet. After its completion, we will consult with the people, and then we will hold a tender.

One more question. There were many difficulties in terms of financing. You need to immediately spend a lot of money in the construction of this facility. The Uzbekiston Temir Yullari company is capable of this. We, as customers, have always had debts to them, that is, there are certain difficulties in terms of financing, ”said Shavkat Khamroev.

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