Wednesday, 21, April, 2021

Uzbeks will have 3 days-off in a row on Navruz holiday. In early December 2020, the President signed the Establishment of extra days off during the celebration of official dates and moving days off in 2021 decree.

The Decree noted that the Saturdays on January 2, March 20 and September 4, Monday on March 22 are non-business days for all employees.

Also, according to the document, in 2021 the day off from March 27, was moved to March 22.

Thus, on the Navruz holiday, Uzbeks will have three days off in a row:

- March 20 - Saturday (extra day off);

- March 21 - Sunday (public holiday);

- March 22 - Monday (moved day off from March 27).

In addition, on March 8 is also a public holiday).

Earlier it was reported that in February of this year, the President signed the Measures for further development of domestic and pilgrim tourism in Uzbekistan Decree.

According to the document, a procedure will be established in Uzbekistan according to which during the celebration of the national holiday Navruz, Independence Day and New Year, as well as the religious holidays Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al- Adha, Uzbeks will at least three days off days due to additional and moved non-working days.

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