Sunday, 16, June, 2024

A regular meeting of the Republican Special Commission was held at the Cabinet of Ministers yesterday. The meeting attended by a group of MPs discussed measures for manufacture of COVID-2019 vaccines in Uzbekistan and the launch and organization of mass vaccination.

Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Chinese company Zhifei Longcom is conducting 3-phase clinical triala of the recombinant ZF-2001vaccine. So far, 6,697 volunteers have been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine, and another 1,209 have received the second dose.

According to provisional results, grade 1 side effects (allergic reaction, slight fever, headache) were observed in 5 individuals or 0.3% among vaccine recipients (for comparison, this figure was 2 in Pfizer / Biontech). 3.8%, while on Sutnik V it was 0.3-0.4%). Grade 2 and 3 side effects were not observed.

Due to the positive results, it is proposed to use this vaccine for mass vaccination in Uzbekistan, and for this purpose the Special Commission will issue a permit for emergency use authorization (EUA).

If such permission is granted by a special commission, the vaccine will be delivered to Uzbekistan at a reduced price and in sufficient capacity as a partner in the development of the vaccine. It is also planned to commercialize the vaccine in the country under the name ZF-UZ-2001 in cooperation with the Government of Uzbekistan.

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