Friday, 14, June, 2024

On February 12, the President of Uzbekistan signed into law the amendments and addenda to the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes and the Administrative Responsibility Code, criminalizing a number of crimes against children. The document was published by Xalq So’zi newspaper.

Criminal liability has been established for having sexual intercourse with a person aged between 16 and 18, knowingly for the guilty person under 18 years of age, by providing him with material values ​​or property benefits. As noted earlier, this amendment to the Criminal Code (new section 128-1) aims to combat the sexual exploitation of children.

A person who has committed this crime may be sentenced community works up to 300 hours or correctional labor up to 2 years, or house arrest up to 2 years, or imprisonment up to 2 years.

In addition, criminal liability has been introduced for persuading minors to participate in illegal public associations and religious organizations, movements and sects. This crime is punishable by from 3 to 5 year house arrest.

Administrative forcing of minors to work in any form has become a criminal offense. Previously, criminal liability could be brought only after a repeated offence and the application of an administrative penalty. Now, for this crime, one can get a fine from 150 to 200 base values (BV=223000 soums, or US$ 21) ​​or deprivation of a certain right up to 3 years or correctional labor up to 3 years.

The Law takes effect immediately.

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