Friday, 05, March, 2021

The government, by its January 23 resolution, approved the Regulation on the Chegara Posbonlari (Frontier Guards) Assistance Units to Border Troops of the State Security Service, the Ministry of Justice said.

According to the regulation, assistance units consist of citizens who live in the border area, in areas adjacent to the state border, as well as workers and employees working in institutions, enterprises and organizations located near the state border.

Healthy citizens of Uzbekistan aged 18 to 60 are admitted to the units on a voluntary basis. Units with one commander and up to nine members are organized at the military units of the Border Troops.

The main tasks of the assistance units are to participate, under the control of the Border Troops, in activities in border villages, conduct surveillance in these areas and participate in patrolling public places, adjacent streets and abandoned territories.

Upon admission to a unit, an employment contract is not concluded and the length of service is not calculated. Members of the squad are issued a certificate.

The members of the squad will receive monthly payments in the following amounts: commanders - up to 1.41 times the minimum wage (MW=US$ 70), members - up to 1.06 *minimum wage.

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