Tuesday, 02, March, 2021

The head of the workshop at Yangi-Angren thermal power plant S. Sh. was found hanged at his home on January 23. This was confirmed by the spokesman to the Tashkent province governor’s office Behzod Kabulov and the press service of the General Prosecutor's Office.

A 39-year-old man was in charge of the workshop where an explosion occurred on January 20, in which two women and one man died - T.M. (born in 1968), R.N. (1981) and K.A. (1990), with three more injured. He added that the day before his death S. Sh. was summoned for interrogation as part of the criminal investigation.

On Wednesday, an outbreak of dusty-coal air mixture occurred in the 5th power unit of the TPP, shutdown on the eve for maintenance.

The Angren Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case under Violation of labor protection rules, resulting in human death and other grave consequences. Later, the case was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Investigation Department of the Tashkent Province Police Department.

According to the Ministry of Energy, Yangi-Angren TPP on January 22 paid 105 million soums to the families of the deceased employees. In addition, on January 20-21, families received 4.866 million soums for the funerals.

The website of the Khalk Suzi newspaper with reference to the company workers reported that the senior management had been ignoring the issues of social protection of employees and that the requirements of technical safety had been long violated, the labor protection system had not been put in place, the existing internal discipline norms had been virtually ignored.

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