Friday, 14, June, 2024

A number of pension innovations are planned to be introduced in Uzbekistan from June, according to the draft presidential decree on the State Program of 2021. The document has been published for public input by the Development Strategy Center and the Yuksalish movement.

The draft proposed to establish the procedure according to which from June 1:

  • when assigning a pension, seniority for the period up to 2005, when an electronic database on wages and seniority was not kept up, shall be calculated on the basis of the records in the work history book without requesting any supporting documents;
  • verification and collection of surplus payments on assigned or recalculated pensions and benefits for a period of more than three years shall be canceled;
  • workers shall be given the right, on a voluntary basis, to pay monthly social tax from their own income for the future retirement benefits of their non-working spouses;
  • pensions and benefits shall be assigned and paid at the request of the citizen at the place of permanent registration or place of temporary stay;
  • applications for pensions and benefits in a non-cash form are drawn up by citizens in the process of opening bank cards or through mobile applications without contacting the offices of the off-budget Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance;
  • the obligation to visit the Pension Fund every six months by recipients of non-cash pensions and to conduct on-site monitoring shall be canceled, with the introduction of a procedure for determining the loss of a citizen's right to a pension based on electronic information provided by the relevant departments.

In addition, it is planned to write off the debt on the amounts of excessive payments identified based on the results of inspections on the appointment and payment of pensions and benefits as of January 1, 2021.

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