Saturday, 16, January, 2021

At the Jan 13 meeting, the Legislative Chamber discussed amendments to the Administrative Liability Code, providing for a reduction in fines for some violations of the Road Traffic Rules. The amendments were proposed by a group of deputies based on the findings of study of Uzbekistan traffic violation fines and foreign experience. They were supported by the Chamber in the first reading of the bill.

A day earlier, at a meeting of the UzLiDeP faction, where the amendments were discussed, it was noted that analysis and discussions with drivers showed that violations of the rules for stopping or parking occur mainly due to the lack of facilities for a temporary stop of transport, namely the presence of prohibitory signs.

In addition, the “abstract provisions” in the code regarding the establishment of minimum and maximum amounts of fines (“from” and “to”) contribute to corruption, it was noted at the meeting.

Proposed amendments

Article 128-b (Violation of the rules of stopping or parking of vehicles). It is proposed to abolish the "chain of fines", the amount of which increases (from 3 to 15 basic values, BV=223 thousand soums) in case of repeated (two, three or more) violations during the year, and establish a single amount of the fine - 2 BV.

Article 137 (Leaving the site of a traffic accident by its participants). Now the punishment is a fine in the amount of 30 BV or deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of 2 years or administrative arrest up to 15 days. The amendments propose three categories of punishment, depending on the degree of danger of the violation. For violations that have led to serious consequences, the sanctions remain unchanged. For relatively mild consequences, the punishment will be a fine of 15 BV or deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of 1 year. For non-serious consequences, a fine of 3 BV (669 thousand soums) is proposed.

Article 141 (Use of vehicles for personal gain). The fine is reduced from 5 BV (1.115 million soums) to 2 BV (446 thousand).

Article 147 (Damage to roads, road structures, technical means of traffic regulation, violation of the rules for their maintenance). The fine is reduced from 3 BRV (669 thousand soums) to 1 BRV (223 thousand).

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