Saturday, 16, January, 2021

A footage surfaced on social networks showing mostly women residents of Pakhtakor district of Jizzakh province, in protest against the lack of gas and electricity, blocked the road.

The incident was commented by the press service of the Khududgaz Jizzakh enterprise. According to the spokesman Zokir Matchanov, in terms of gas supply, the Pakhtakor district is one of the most inaccessible districts.

He clarified that connecting to the gas pipeline was started from the makhalla of Sharaf Rashidov, but five years ago, due to the lack of gas, the mayor made a decision to dismantle the pipes. The Khududgaz Jizzakh added that until today the residents of the district were regularly provided with liquefied gas and coal. The residents themselves stated that this was only enough for cooking.

The first deputy governor of the province and others officials arrived at the place of the protest and held a conversation. They assured that the district will be provided with gas within a week.

Previously, due to the lack of gas and electricity, roads were blocked in other provinces.

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