Saturday, 16, January, 2021

Companies owned by close relatives of two officials who work as heads of the Unitary Customer Service engineering company were awarded public contracts for construction.

LLC Mexrangez B-2002, owned by the family of ,director of Unitary Customer Service under Navoi province governor’s office, Bahodir Mansurov, was awarded public contracts worth several billion soums, Davletovuz Telegram channel said.

The channel noted that the tender commission meeting over the project of reconstruction of school No. 30 on the territory of the Bogishamol MSG of Karmana district of Navoi province (construction of an educational block for 240 places) took place on June 3, 2020. The tender documents for this project worth 2 billion soums were signed by Bakhodir Mansurov as deputy chairman of the commission.

In addition, the project for overhaul of building of a preschool No. 8 in Navbakhor district (construction of a block for 125 children) was also awarded to Mexrangez B-2002 LLC. The tender commission meeting for this project, worth almost 2.8 billion soums, was held in August 2019. Bakhodir Mansurov was the chairman of the tender commission.

Mexrangez B-2002 company is fully owned by Saodat Mansurova, and Mehrangiz Mansurova is the head. According to Davletovuz, they are the wife and daughter of Bakhodir Mansurov, respectively.

Note: Alisher Turdiev, who worked as the chief engineer of t Unitary Customer Service of Navoi province governor’s office, signed the documents as acting director of the company from July 2020 to January 2021.

His family's company, Bakhrombek Kelajagi LLC, was also awarded public contracts worth several billion soums.

The is fully owned by Zhavlonbek Mavlonov. According to the source, he is the husband of Alisher Turdiev's sister. Bakhrombek Kelazhagi LLC won a tender for the reconstruction of school No. 24 in Navbakhor district of Navoi province (construction of an educational block for 160 students), financed by the Anti-Crisis Fund (more than 2 billion soums), a tender for the reconstruction of secondary school No. 20 in Karmana district (construction of an educational block for 180 places) (about 1.8 billion soums), a tender for the construction of external engineering communications for water supply and sewer system in the Zarafshan Small Industrial Zone (108 million soums).

In the database on enterprises and organizations of the State Statistics Committee, Bakhodir Mansurov is now listed as the head of Unitary Customer Service of the Navoi province governor’s office.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in his address to parliament on December 29, noted that from now on all public purchases will be controlled by the public and parliament.

At the plenary session of the Senate on January 6, Chairperson Tanzila Narbaeva noted the need to identify conflicts of interest in the process of public procurement, to strengthen mechanisms for their prevention, to legally assess the activities of responsible persons for each revealed fact. The Speaker of the Senate criticized the activities of the Anti-Corruption Agency on the facts of corruption in public procurement and other important issues, and suggested introducing a system of constant hearing of the agency's reports in parliament.

The Anti-Corruption Agency issued a statement entitled "Without eliminating the cause, it is impossible to deal with the consequences." From this statement, it can be understood that the main function of the agency is not to punish identified corrupt officials, but to determine the reasons leading to corruption.

Earlier, we wrote about the distribution of public contracts between companies owned by customers in Andijan.

In particular, Milano Biznes Servis LLC, owned by Mukhiddin Kadyrov, head of Unitary Customer Service, was awarded public contracts for construction worth almost 20 billion soums. According to the latest information, the Prosecutor's Office of the Andijan province is checking the conflict of interest in construction.

The Davletovuz channel also reported that companies of the relatives of the deputy governor of the Jizzakh province have been awarded projects worth several billion soums.

We also reported that a company owned by Nargiza Solieva, the daughter of the governor Ergash Solieva, won a tender for planting flowers on the streets for several billion soums, and the company of the brother of the deputy governor of the Khorezm province (less than a year after his appointment) was awarded a public contract worth 20 billion soums.

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