Saturday, 16, January, 2021

A clandestine religious school (hujra) was banned in Tashkent on December 10. The minors who studied there were allegedly beaten on a regular basis, UzReport TV channel reported.

In an operation, officers of the anti-terrorism and extremism department of the Shaykhantakhur police department and the State Security Service established that a citizen A. was conducting illegal religious classes in his apartment in a multi-storey building in Djangokh mahalla.

The parents of the children paid the hujra organizer $ 150-200 monthly, although he did not have any appropriate teaching permits. During the classes A. regularly beat children with a rolling pin, causing them bodily harm. The man himself denies that it was regular. According to him, he pinched them and "occasionally" beat them with a stick.

Based on this evidence and the conclusion of the forensic medical examination, a criminal case was opened under Intentional bodily injury of medium gravity charge of the Criminal Code. An investigation is underway.

Earlier that at the end of last year in the capital, three more hujras were banned, where children were beaten and starved to death.

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