Tuesday, 02, March, 2021

The official website of the President of Uzbekistan - president.uz has been updated. It has been working in test mode since January 1. The site was last updated in 2017, the presidential press service said.

The site’s design has completely changed, the content has been expanded. In particular, the new website has a Presidential Administration section, where general information about the main tasks of the Administration, the organizations under the president and the administration is given, and which contains the leadership of the administration and presidential advisory services.

New functions have been introduced to increase the site’s interactivity, with widgets added for the president’s Facebook and Twitter pages. These pages can be viewed directly on the site.

There are Trips Abroad and Trips by Regions sections on the main page. In the previous version of the site, the Media Library contained only photographs. New photos have been added to Photogallery.

One of the novelties is the video gallery. Previously, films and videos about the President's activities could only be viewed on YouTube or Telegram. Now they are posted on the site itself in the TAS-IX network. The Videogallery has four sections.

A new page Infographics has been created in the Documents section.

Among the innovations is the possibility to switching to the portal Virtual Reception of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, obtaining contact information of the Virtual Receptions.

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