Tuesday, 28, May, 2024

An online meeting of the Senate Committee on Defense and Security was held on Thursday. According to the Senate, the meeting heard a report by the Defense Minister on the progress of tasks in 10 months of 2020 on the development of the Uzbek Armed Forces and ensuring military security.

The Defense Minister noted that a modeling and simulation field training center of the Ministry of Defense has been built on the territory of the Chirchik training ground in order to improve the quality and organization of combat readiness of troops.

The mountain training center, Kattakurgan, Termez, Angren and Sazagan training grounds have been reportedly renovated to meet the world standards. Their training facilities are equipped with modern tools.

Following the rapid renovation of weapons and equipment in recent years, 27 percent of the existing weapons and equipment have been renewed.

The Minister added that during the past period of 2020, some targets have not been fully achieved.

He noted that due to the lockdown in recent months, the construction and repair at some military towns and training grounds has not been completed.

The relevant resolution of the Senate Committee on Defense and Security was adopted at the meeting in order to further enhance the efficiency of the Ministry of Defense.

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