Tuesday, 28, May, 2024

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, UNICEF joined the world in tracking some Heroes- Advocates & Humanitarians who are championing the cause of equal opportunities for people with disabilities. They shared their views, concerns and dreams to realize the rights of persons with disabilities.

Nodira Tillaeva is a young leader who is already working as a director of the ‘Inclusive’ NGO. She is motivated by faith in herself and the kind people who surround her. Her key message is clear – Persons with disabilities should have equal opportunities to succeed in education and professionally.

Nodira’s main concern is that there are many people with disabilities who have no education, the maximum that they have is 4 classes of school. Together with her team Nodira work on creating special additional classes and courses for persons with disabilities. Nodira is sure that by this she can help them to be worthy members of society and live a fulfilling life.

Nodira Tillaeva

Olim Saynazarov, recently pulled an unprecedented feat – Mobilizing, humanitarian assistance for other people with disabilities, during the COVID-19 lockdown! Despite the concerns of loved ones about the possibility of contracting the virus, the man got permission from local authorities and began to deliver humanitarian aid to homes on his own.

Since childhood, Alim has been fond of sports. He spends his free time in the gym for training. He dreams of seeing different cities and countries. Olim does not give up. He follows the motto “Never stop at achievement!”

Alim Saynazarov

Guzal Shodieva is a passionate advocate for sign language! During the pandemic, she has been providing classes on sign language to teachers online. “It is essential that in boarding schools, teachers are proficient in sign language, at least in those subjects where articulation is important.”

Guzal promotes the right of persons with disabilities to education. “It is important that young people have access to education so that deaf-blind people can be employed in the future,” she says.

She seeks to change the lives of persons with disabilities for the better. She is the Chairperson of the Presidium of the Central Board of the Society of the Deaf of Uzbekistan.

Guzal Shodieva


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