Tuesday, 28, May, 2024

Zomin all-season ski resort is planned to be built in the Jizzakh province, the State Committee for Tourism Development said. According to the project, Zomin district will host hotels, cultural and recreational, shopping and entertainment and other tourist venues.

The project will reportedly take account of the potential of the ecological environment of the picturesque Zomin ditrict. The project will encompass the expansion of passenger transport routes in the resort area.

The Turkish company IDEALIST has already developed a draft master plan for the Zomin free tourist zone.

It provides for the attraction of investments, including funds for the development of tourism (housing, roads, restaurants, shops and other tourist infrastructure), road transport and utilities infrastructure.

The Uzbekistan Fund for Reconstruction and Development will provide US$ 40 million loan for the infrastructure projects.

In addition, it is planned to build Plateau Suffa seasonal resort and Uriklisoy tourist complex. The Fund for Reconstruction and Development will provide a loan of US$ 60 million to finance the project.

For tourists’ convenience, the project proposes to resume the Tashkent-to Dashtabad and Samarkand to Dashtabad electrified train services.

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