Tuesday, 28, May, 2024

The Committee on Defense and Security of the Legislative Chamber proposed more lenient fines for improper parking, the MP Doniyor Ganiev said.

“While the number of cars growing rapidly, the problem of parking in large urban centers is becoming a real problem for many drivers. The situation is the worst in Tashkent city. Many drivers complain for the lack of paid parking lots, parking meters on central streets, secondly, the draconian fines for parking vehicles in the wrong or prohibited place" - he stated.

According to the current regulation, violation of the rules of stopping or parking by drivers of vehicles will result in a fine of 668 thousand soums, or US$ 65. In case of repeated violation within a year after the fine of 1.113 million soums, US$ 105, if again within a year after the fines - then 2.225 million soums, or US$ 210.

Doniyor Ganiev gave examples of several countries where fines for violation of these rules are less. In Russia the maximum fine is 3000 rubles, or US$ 40, in Ukraine - an average of 510 hryvnia, or US$ 18, in Kazakhstan - 24 thousand tenge, or US$ 57, in Kyrgyzstan - 3000 soms, or US$ 35. While, repeated violation of the rules in these countries (with the exception of Kazakhstan) does not entail an increase in the fine.

“We evident have the maximum amount of fines imposed for violation of the rules of stopping or parking. If we compare this fine with the average salaries, it becomes clear that the difference will increase even more,” the MP said.

The Committee on Defense and Security of the Legislative Chamber proposes to reduce the fines for these violations down to 223 thousand soums, US$ 21, as well as to scarpa the rule of increasing fines in case of a repeated offense.

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