Tuesday, 28, May, 2024

Two judges of the Tashkent Province Criminal Court were sacked for insulting a traffic police officer of Parkent District, another judge was reprimanded, the Supreme Court said.

The incident took place on November 5, when 3 judges R. T., R. K. and M. A. were returning after dinner from Sukok village (mountanainous area) of Parkent district. RT, and RK, who was driving the car, were allegedly drunk.

When stopped by the officer, R.K. introduced himself as a judge of the provincial criminal court, showed his ID and admitted drinking alcohol. The driver's drunken state was also confirmed by a medical examination. After that, the vehicle was sent to the penalty area. At this time, judge R.T. began to insult the officer.

On November 6, the Qualification Commission of the Tashkent Province Criminal Court ruled to terminate the terms of office and dismissal of judges R.T. and R.K. and reprimanding the judge M.A.

By a court ruling of December 1, citizen R.K. was found guilty of Driving while intoxicated and Failure to comply with the legal requirements of a police officer charges of the Code of Administrative Liability. In addition, the man was fined for 5,575,000 soums, or US$ 550.

In turn, the former judge RT was found guilty Careless infliction of light bodily injury and was fined for 446 thousand soums, US$ 42.

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