Tuesday, 28, May, 2024

As of November 1, 43,581 people are living with HIV in Uzbekistan, the director of the Republican AIDS Center Kakhramon Yuldashev said, which is an increase by 1,483 people to the last year. This is significantly less than last year, when 3337 HIV-infected were identified in just 10 months.

Uzbekistan hosts 78 HIV diagnostic laboratories, including 15 laboratory complexes at AIDS centers and 63 interdistrict laboratories. The state annually contributes over 8 billion soums to provide laboratories with test systems and reagents.

Kakhramon Yuldashev noted that stabilization is observed in the HIV epidemic situation in Uzbekistan. According to him, over 70% of those infected are covered by antiretroviral therapy.

He added that during the coronavirus pandemic, 261,394 labor migrants who arrived from abroad were tested for HIV. Those who were diagnosed with HIV were registered in the dispensary. Their number has not been disclosed.

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